Shugart on the Radio


Following the Proposition 23 campaign, Friends of Ernest remained an active political watchdog group. As part of its mission to promote public interest in our government systems, the organization was also engaged in analyzing government facts and figures for the purpose of making them clear and understandable. Friends of Ernest believed that a good voter is an informed voter.

In 2001, Friends of Ernest sponsored a weekly radio show called Uncommon Sense hosted by Chris Shugart and broadcast on Santa Cruz station KSCO. Chris discussed a variety of social and political subjects and took phone calls from listeners. By 2002, the program had moved to Salinas radio station KION.


Uncommon Sense examined the issues of the day without the meaningless media buzz words and manipulative sound-bite phrases. Occasionally irreverent, and always on top of the culture trends, Shugart presented a straightforward perspective that the traditional media preferred to avoid. "I’m skeptical of much of what I hear and read. We’re often too willing to accept things at face value." Chris Shugart challenged the political and social status quo while taking a critical look at the news media establishment.



Listen to segments of the show.

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